There are different, fantastic opportunities for EFL Teachers at BELL Beyond. The first is a short-term permanent residence within a school and the second is a travelling teacher, spending one or two weeks delivering full-immersion English lessons throughout Italy. The allocation of these projects are decided by the recruitment team depending on your skills and the requirements of the schools.

A week in the life of a travelling teacher…

The Sunday is typically the first day with your new host family – the first day in the new place you will call home for a week. It can feel nerve-racking, knowing you’re about to meet strangers who have rigorously applied to take you into their home. All host families are vetted and quite often, have worked with us previously. Your host family are excited to meet you when you step off the train and always greet you with smiles and warmth.

Monday – probably the scariest day of the week, but definitely the most rewarding and enjoyable by far! You will arrive at the school early and meet your contact teacher (if they’re not your host mum). Then you are shown the spaces you’ll be teaching in and you’ll wave at some students along the way. You get to meet the staff of the school and get acquainted over some coffee before you head to your first class. In Italy, the students stay in the same class and the teachers move! So, you will be directed from class to class by either your contact teacher or your supervising teacher.

Then it’s lunchtime!  Lunch is provided by the school or your host family, you’ll eat some fantastic food before round two in the afternoon! After lunch, you’ll have some more fun and energetic classes –  and then your day is over!

Every day flies by when you’re teaching using the BELL ethos and the students adore the innovative methods that BELL EFL Teachers use in the classroom.

Your evenings are spent with the incredible host families, either relaxing and talking over dinner, being taken on trips, or going to after-school activities and cheering on your host-siblings. Whatever it may be, enjoy every day as it comes because it goes too quickly.

Then on Tuesday, you do the same again! It is amazing seeing the development of the students in such a short space of time. Even with one week of English lessons, you will genuinely see your efforts as a teacher rewarded with the development of your students.