Full-time Travelling CLIL Teacher

I have had the pleasure of working for BELL full time for over a year now. I have had the absolute best time teaching children all across Italy while working with an incredible and supportive team. I have been able to not only improve my own skills as an educator, but helped improve the English of hundreds of children. BELL has also given me the opportunity to travel across beautiful Italy while staying with lovely, welcoming Italian families.


Another top favorite aspect of this job is being able to stay with host families. I have been welcomed into so many lovely families and so many homes throughout my time with BELL. I was able to see tons of beautiful places around Italy and experience a truly authentic Italian way of life. I am still in contact with most of my host families and will definitely be visiting them again in the future. It is such a wonderful way to fully immerse yourself in the Italian culture!


I’ve also met wonderfully talented, like-minded and passionate people that I’ve become great friends with. We always have a terrific time together and love what we do! Overall, I have made so many great memories working for BELL and I highly recommend others to join our team!


Head of English

What we look for most of all in our teachers is a positive mindset, bundles of energy, and a can-do attitude. We are not necessarily looking for highly experienced or qualified teachers – if you can inspire students by confidently leading interactive games and projects, whilst demonstrating professionalism when representing the BELL brand, then we want to hear from you!



Project Coordinator

Throughout my time at BELL, I have experienced a whole range of incredible CLIL topics and projects. I started as a touring EFL teacher and travelled across Italy, teaching thousands of children over the space of a few, short months. I can honestly say that it was the most extraordinary, spectacular, eye-opening experience of my life – in terms of my career and personal development. I learnt techniques for teaching a whole variety of age ranges and students from various backgrounds and English abilities which I still use to this day.


Having trained with the Senior Management team prior to my departure around Italy, I also had a wealth of knowledge to use on the road – BELL’s games and activities that can be adapted for any student. I also found that the BELL manifesto of creativity and fun in the classroom truly works with Italian students. Their culture is perfectly orientated for this approach because of the energy and enthusiasm the students already have. I have to admit – my energy and fitness levels have improved drastically since teaching in the BELL style!

Overall, my time at BELL has been unforgettable. The people you meet, the work you do, the places you see are spectacular and I have thoroughly enjoyed every high and every low on this journey.